Friday 23 September 2011

Top Ten Tips for Welcome

At my church, we are participating in the 'Big Welcome' next Sunday, 25th September. It's a special opportunity to invite along friends and family who would not normally go to church. It also provides a reason to evaluate how good our welcome is to those who visit us.

The Top Ten Tips for Welcome have been circulated to Baptist churches via a six minute video, which you can watch here. Below is a summary of the tips:

  1. Don't let people struggle to find you
  2. Make sure what you offer is relevant
  3. Know why you go to church
  4. Know that hospitality is your duty
  5. Know how well your church is doing
  6. Don't accept 2nd best - coach and train people to give a welcome
  7. Know what is expected of you
  8. Know the difference between 'greeting' and 'welcoming'
  9. Apply the 3-Minute rule. Talk to someone you don't know for at least three minutes, before you talk to those you already know.
  10. Decide what needs to be done.
It's all practical commonsense, but it's good to be reminded. Hopefully, we will get it right and give a big warm welcome!

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