Thursday 17 February 2011

Fraud and Reward

It's been a while, but this morning I got one of 'those' e-mails! You know, the ones that promise you a share of millions if you respond to an e-mail. For those who need cheering up today, I've pasted the e-mail below.

The problem is that there are people who believe or half-believe that they might qualify for a share. They are desperately hoping that life will get better, and a few million pounds might just sort things out! They get taken in by this scam or that scam and all is worse than before. How sad!

As a Christian, and a pastor, I think that Christ has much more to offer. Through him comes hope that things can be better now and eternally. It reminds me of a story about a rich man who died. At his funeral, a friend sidled up to the vicar and whispered, 'How much did he leave?' The vicar replied, 'Everything!'

Before I get stuck into sermon mode, here's the e-mail:

Mr.Chris Oliver
The Presently Chief Auditor,
Lloyds TSB Group Plc
25 Gresham Street , London EC2V 7HN

Greetings to you and to your family.I am Mr.Chris Oliver, The Presently Chief Auditor, Lloyds Banking Group Plc, Main Branch here in London.Do not be surprise of this mail since we have not meet or had a previous correspondence. Please bear with me,I will really like to have a good cooperation with you, and I have a special reason why I decided to write you because of the urgency of this transaction. It gives me more joy because I do believe that we both have to be open-mind and sincere as to know each other very well.

I have only written to seek your indulgence and trustful. On a routine inspection I discovered a dormant account with a Balance of (£20,000,000.00).Twenty Million Pounds Sterling’s, On Further investigation; I also discovered that the account holder is Late Mr. John Shumejda, an American Citizen, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Agco, the Global Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer, he died in Plane crash at Birmingham Airport on 4th Jan, 2002. Visit the website:

He died leaving no beneficiary to the account, and the bank will approve this money to any foreigner who have information about this account which I will provide to you. Because the former operator of this account is a foreigner from Florida in American and I am certainly sure that he is dead and nobody will come to claim this money again. Therefore I need your full cooperation in this transaction, I will provide all the necessary information needed to back you up in this transaction; I want to assured you that this transfer is 100% risk free.

Thus, for your indulgence and support. I propose an offer of 40% of the total amount to be yours after the transfer has been successfully concluded. Kindly reply to my private E-mail via: (, stating your interest and I shall furnish you with more details and necessary procedure with which to make the transfer done. And after I and my family will visit your country for an investment.

Thanks and God bless.
Sincerely yours,

Mr.Chris Oliver
Chief Auditor, Lloyds Banking Group Plc


  1. Amazing...I got that offer too! scary isn't it?

  2. Quite happy to halve my share with you, Catriona!