Saturday 10 September 2011

Breakdown Cover

So, should I swallow my pride and renew my breakdown cover with Aviva (see 'Appalling Service from Aviva' )?

In the next year, I am likely to be taking my car to Europe on two occasions, and the fact is that their quote is seriously cheaper than AA/RAC/Green Flag and even than their own cover via my Aviva car insurance policy (curiously, it would cost another £50 that way!). Money is money! And surely, I think, the service cannot be as bad if I am unfortunate enough to break down again?

We Christians talk about God giving people second chances when they mess up, and I'm inclined to the do the same for Aviva Breakdown (which uses RAC). In fact, I believe God gives multiple second chances to those who are penitent. Having said that, I don't think I'll do the same for Aviva if they mess up again....


  1. Our breakdown cover is through our smile bank account (it's called smilemore), we pay smile £13 a month and we get breakdown cover (which covers both cars if it's a joint account and any car we're in (UK and Europe)...through the RAC, we also get mobile phone insurance (which includes covering my iPhone), gadget insurance and worldwide travel insurance which I think is pretty good value

  2. Sounds good, although I don't think I could be bothered to change my account from Nationwide (which gives me free travel insurance). Aviva's quote for a year's breakdown cover is £110 - only for one car, though Wendy's if covered under warranty at the moment.