Thursday, 12 May 2011

You heard me in my tune ...

Last week, I led prayers at a local Christian care home. I won’t name it, but members of my church will know it well. I chose a hymn to sing with the residents, started the accompanying CD and off we went. Except that one woman, we’ll call her Jeanie, started singing a little late and with great gusto! All the way through the hymn, she was out of time with the rest of us. At the same time, she was out of tune. It was hard for the rest of us to keep going, and a few of us stifled smiles!

It reminded me of the line of a song from my favourite rock band, U2:

‘You heard me in my tune, when I just heard confusion.’

Of course, Jeanie is very deaf, but she was so pleased to join in with the singing. I heard confusion, but I don’t think she did at all, and I’m sure that God didn’t. If God can make sense of our flawed attempts at living, God can certainly enjoy Jeanie’s tune!

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