Monday, 16 May 2011

Yes, Minister!

There are times in church settings, where we talk in a language that only the initiated will understand! We obscure truth by hiding it in theological language.

It's an imperfect illustration, but I love this quote from 'Yes, Minister'. Jim Hacker is talking to his private secretary, Bernard, about a complaint that has been made:

Jim: ‘Sarah tells me this complaint is nonsense.

Bernard: ‘Oh, fine. So we can CGSM it?

Jim: ‘CGSM?’

Bernard: ‘Civil service code. It stands for Consignment of Geriatric Shoe Manufacturers. [Pause as Jim Hacker looks bemused] Load of old cobblers, Minister.’

How do we Christians, and we clergy, obscure the meaning of what we want to say?

How do others hear it?

How can we say it better?

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