Sunday 25 December 2022

Who is Jesus to you?

A poem/meditation for Christmas Day and all days

 Who is Jesus to you?  

Is he Christmas card cute, the babe in a crib,

The centrepiece of the stable scene?

Is he the precocious child, astounding scholars

With his high IQ?

Is he the wise teacher, the humorous preacher,

Packing a punch with the weight of his words?

Is he faithful friend, an example, a very good man – 

But no more than that?

Is he a man of history, whose magnetism

Attracts - and maybe, repels?

Is he a right person in the wrong place at the wrong time

Unfortunate in the game of life?

Is he one who was more alive than most, but today

Just as dead as all who have ever been

And one day you will be?

Who is Jesus to you?


Who is Jesus to you?

A figment of imagination, a legend

Without basis in truth?

Too good to be true, has to be false,

A liar or worse?

A charlatan, a trickster, a spin doctor

Who peddles fake healing, false hope?

One you reject, despise, would be glad

To see suffer, if he existed at all?

Who is Jesus to you?


Who is Jesus to you?

God’s Messenger, God’s Message, Messiah,

Source of life, Saviour, Son of God?

Who is Jesus to you?


Who are you to Jesus?

A daughter, a son of his Father,

A sister, a brother, a friend,

Loved for all time,

Healed, whole, complete,

Forgiven, free to be,

One for whom he died, at cross purposes

With the world.

One for whom he rose, cross empty, tomb vacated,

By His Spirit, the world gloriously full.

If you believe, when you believe,

This is who you are

To Jesus.


© Tim Edworthy 2019

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