Sunday, 10 October 2010

Without God, culture is lost

A day after Jonathan Sacks in the Times (see blog below), Eleanor Mills has written a piece in the Sunday Times News Review entitled ‘Without God, culture is lost’.

To cut to the chase, Mills points out that Christianity is woven into British life. However, today’s students no longer have the basic knowledge of the faith that is required to appreciate classical literature and art. ‘How can you enjoy the wonderful poems of someone such as George Herbert without knowing the psalms on which they are based? How can you understand Milton if you know absolutely nothing of the Bible?’

Mills concludes, ‘The physical fabric of the church can easily be reinvented to serve modern life; to save and give meaning to the intellectual inheritance of our Christian past in a secular, scientific age is much harder. But if we are to hang on not only to our culture, but also to the morality that underpins it, we have got to try.’

Amen to that!

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